Chickadee Farm is a certified organic family farm specializing in growing high quality vegetable and flower seed. Located in Dayton, Oregon, Chickadee Farm was started in 1998 by owners and managers Sebastian Aguilar and Kelly Gelino. Our seed is primarily produced and sold on contract and we look forward to meeting the unique seed needs of our customers.

Chickadee Farm is certified organic by OTCO


Seed Production

Chickadee Farm transitioned from growing fresh produce to vegetable and flower seed starting in 2010 and now grows over 60 species of crops for seed. Our specialty is producing small to mid-size lots of unique varieties for leading seed retailers. We have an excellent climate for growing a wide variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs of both the dry seeded and wet seeded crops. With good isolation, fertile soils and the equipment to get the job done, we produce vigorous, high-germinating seed with varietal purity. See our Seed Crops page for a list of species currently in production.

Please contact us to discuss your seed growing needs!

The Farmers

Chickadee Farm is owned and operated by Sebastian Aguilar and Kelly Gelino and supported by an amazing team of employees who make the fields beautiful and productive.

Kelly and Sebastian started farming in northern New Mexico and, after many farming adventures in different states, are happy to have settled in the fertile Willamette Valley.

Sebastian grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and first experienced the magic of gardening with his Papy (Grandpa) in France. Papy was a meticulous gardener and Sebastian’s childhood summers collecting mulch, making compost and caring for the tools with him are some of his favorite memories. Sebastian is passionate about making the farm the best it can be… with healthy soil, quality crops, efficient systems and happy people. Sebastian also loves to learn and talk about  farming and teaches classes for the Organic Farm School among other organizations.

Kelly grew up mostly in Michigan and after graduating from college and climbing the tallest mountains of the West, decided to give farming a try. A passion for plants, food and landscapes inspires her year after year and if she’s not farming, she’s cooking or calling their three grown children.